Xiaomi 12T Pro Unboxing & First Impressions

Xiaomi 12T Pro Unboxing & First Impressions

Technoogy: ‘T’ stands for technology. Their ‘T’ edition stands for technology. They pay more attention to performance. We’ll see what is a unique technology in this? Yes, it’s written here ‘200MP’. Let’s watch. Let’s open. It’s good that it has a big box. Small box means no charger. Let’s open. Let me tell you it has already been launched globally and in China. It hasn’t been launched yet in India.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Unboxing & First Impressions

Xiaomi 12T Pro Unboxing & First Impressions

And when it will finally come to India, its name won’t be Xiaomi 12T Pro. Either it’ll be Redmi K series or Xiaomi 12X or something. I really don’t know, to be honest with you. It’ll be rebranded Its price, if I convert the global price, becomes around Rs. 60-65K. And for that price, it’ll be very overpriced.

When it gets rebranded and comes to India then maybe it’ll be around Rs. 45-50K. Otherwise, nothing good will become of this phone. Nobody’ll buy it if it doesn’t come down to that price. In the box, there’s a SIM card tool, then you have lots of documentation. Lots of it. Then you have a clear case which is of decent quality. Ooh. That’s a chunky phone and a chunky adapter as well. Because it is a 120W adapter which is good. And an USB type-A to type-C charger. That’s about it in the box. Nothing else. Let’s keep it aside. Now let’s see the phone.

It has a 200MP ultimate camera, a leading Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, Smart 200W Hypercharge, and 120Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display. OK. We’ll see everything. This is big. The design seems a bit old. It’s curved from the back. It seems like the devices from 2-3 years ago. Look is very traditional. There is a big camera on top and two small ones. They’re quite small. I’ll talk about that later. The display is flat and the frame is not metal. Interesting. Frame is not metal, But the speakers at the bottom are Harman/Kardon tuned. There’s a type-C port. Where is the SIM card slot?

Oh! The SIM card tray is also below. Let’s see. Alright. Sometimes it is hard to remove the SIM card. Okay, it has a dual Nano SIM card slot. It’s quite heavy. That’s for sure. It’s on the heavier side. Should be 215g. 215g? Oh! It came in ounces. I… …want it in grams. It’s 210g but in-hand it feels heavy. I felt it was 215g but it’s 210g. It has a protection of Gorilla Glass 5. So, we’ll have to drop it. The scratchguard *drops* is already on the screen. No, nothing happened. The noise coming *drops* is from the OIS camera. Yes, it has an OIS camera.

Build is sturdy, I’ll say this. The in-hand feel is okay. It’s definitely slippery because of the curved back. Okay, now let’s start the phone. Talking about the display is really very good. It is a FHD++ display or just less than 2K. I’ll say that it’s a 1220p display. For 1080p it’s FHD and for 1440 it’s 2K, like that, this is 1220p. Screen-to-body ratio is really good. The side and upper bezels are thin and the chin is really thin, too. So, a very modern display. Even the punchhole is really small. It has a 120Hz fast Refresh Rate, 480Hz Touch Sampling Rate, 900nits brightness, that is also quite good. Very nice.

One more thing, we noticed a thing when we were using it, it is really smooth. The Indian version of MIUI is not so smooth as compared to the Chinese version, which we see, as well as the global version, too. Only the Indian variant has some issues. Talking about some specifications, guys, it has an 8+ Gen 1 processor. That is very good. It has a score above a million. By the way, it has three variants. We have the second one. Its score is above a million, too, and not just the top variant. So, that’s good. On the matter of the performance, it is buttery smooth. You shouldn’t have any problems.

The variants are 8GB RAM 128GB ROM, 8GB RAM 256GB ROM which we have, and 12GB RAM 256GB ROM. UFS 3.1 is the storage type and LPDDR5 is the RAM type. The big battery is 5000mAh and 120W fast charging. In only 19 minutes it gets from 0% to 100%. So all that is quite good. It is absolutely great in specifications & performance. When you do gaming on it, you are going to enjoy it. And the stereo-speakers which are tuned by Harman/Kardon provide a very good & clear sound for gunshots, etc. For multimedia, since the display and audio are so good, it’s an absolutely big thumbs up.

Because it has an HP1 sensor which is a little old since HP3 has also launched. So, 200MP is the primary sensor but from 3-digits straight to single-digit, guys. The Ultra-wide is 8MP and Macro is for 2MP. It’s 200MP + 8MP + 2MP. The 200MP camera natively clicks pictures on 200MP, the size becomes 50-55MB. You can also take a step where you can click pictures at 50MP resolution. By the way, if I talk about the camera then it is just like a typical Xiaomi. Its primary sensor is given as 200MP but there is nothing more to write or speak about the others. The selfie sensor in the front is 20MP. We took many photos in different conditions, all of them are given in the G Drive link below.

But if you ask my first compression of the camera, average. Some features are good like you can now do 8K 24fps videography. That is only available in a few phones. So, there’s 8K and there’s 4K 60fps, too. So, that’s good. There is a Super Slow-Motion with 1920fps. So, that’s also quite good. And all the other standard features of the camera are present, too. If I talk about sensors, there are almost all of them present. It has Face-Unlock & In-display fingerprint sensor. Both work quite well. If I talk about the connectivity, it has Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, Dual 4G VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling. Since this is a global version, I won’t talk about 5G.

The major 5G bands with, which will be supported in India, will be available when it gets launched in India after re-branding. By the way, I forgot to mention in sensors, there is an IR Blaster, too, just like many Xiaomi phones. There are three variants available: Blue, Silver, and Black. We have black here. Talking about all the features, there’s no IP certification, no Wireless charging, no FM radio, SAR value is within limits,

Like I said before, it is a global version and has been launched in China but will only come to India after re-branding. Now, the important thing is what will be its price. That is going to decide whether anyone is going to buy this. Whether it is an interesting & exciting device or a disappointing device. What’ll be the price? If it comes in a price range of Rs. 40-45K, it is exciting; Rs. 45-50K, it is interesting. But if it’s for more than Rs. 50K then it’ll definitely be disappointing. By the way, guys, I have a question for you. Many viewers like the videos but don’t subscribe. Do subscribe. Many unboxings & interesting informational videos are going to come. So, make sure to Subscribe & Like. That’s it for this video! KEEP TRAKIN till the next one & stay safe.

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