Why Target Long Tail Keyword

Why Target Long Tail Keyword

SEO: So in this Post, I’m going to talk about Target Long Tail Keyword in this Post we will   learn what are the benefits of using long tail  keywords instead of using short tail keyboards   hello friends. I’m Shivani Goyal welcome in WsCube so let’s start with the reasons.

Way Target Long Tail Keyword

Target Long Tail Keyword

Target Long Tail Keyword

Why we focus  on long tail keywords first reason is it helps  you optimize for semantic conversational and  voice search your long tail keyword will help you  in semantic conversational and voice search long   tail keywords have a high conversion rate long tail  keywords are not that competitive as comparison.

Your short tail keepers so these are the reasons  why you should focus on long tail keyboards   long tail keywords are not that competitive  if you compare your long tail keywords with   your shorted keywords so your long tail keywords  are not that competitive why because in case of   long tail keywords you will explain your query  in a summarized form for example if i’m saying   in terms of your long tail keyboard this is the  example here for example a short tail keyword here .

Is link building and if you simply type on the  google link building and here you can see that   we have this much result available for this  particular keyword here and now in terms of   long tail keyword for example this is my long tail  keyword here and here you can see that we have   only this much result available here so that’s why  we can say that this is not as much competitive as   comparison to your short tail keeper the same  idea also applies to your google adwords part   in case of you are doing google adwords keyword  research in that case you can also consider.

Because in case of long tail keywords that can be  cheaper to fit on than super popular factor long   tail keywords have high conversion rates people  that search for the long tail term tends to be   much further along in the buying cycle compared to  fall searching for head tops long tail keyboards   have high conversion rate i’m also explaining  this with the help of this particular example here   here you can see that we can just take an  example of this particular keyword that is   keto type someone searching for key to diet is  probably trying to learn what it is or you can.

Say that we can’t justify what exactly your user  want to know about it or how it works which means   they are not ready to buy any but if your user  is searching keto diet supplement in that case   your user is searching for the longer  version of that term is much closer to   making a purchase so that’s also the difference  between your short term and the long term here   and your long tail keywords have high conversion  rate you can explain this by this particular   example so the result is the traffic that you  get from the long tail term stands to convert.

Really well it helps you optimize for the  symmetric conversational and voice search   when these users worry these platforms they  use long tail keyboard space what are the best   restaurants nearby so this kind of query  your user is using long tail keyword and   commands with the clear intent command means  compare the price of the dress from plush and   shared that is one of the examples here here you  can see that user is putting some command here   and also in the case of the voice search if  you simply click on the voice search option   and you simply say something your query  if you say your query in that case also.

You are using long-tail keyword so this is one  of the graph which indicates that your long tail   keywords have high conversion here and low search  volume here so we have low search volume and high   conversion which predict the intent behind  the naturally spoken other voice searches now   let’s summarize benefit of the long tail  keywords that is long tail keywords give   higher rank for the competitions it is easy  to targets in case of personalization you   can simply use voice search and simply put your  query there best in terms of the niche content.

Ppc network in case of ppt ppc network it helps  you to choose a long tail keywords having a   lower bid amount so this is one of the benefits  of your lock their keywords here so this is all   about why we should target lock build keepers  so thank you so much for watching this Post you.

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