What is technical SEO?

What is technical SEO?

SEO: Technical SEO is related to non-content elements of your website. It is not related to the content. For example, page speed. Page speed is something which is not related to content. But, if we talk about on-page SEO then if we are putting H1 tag in our content then this is on page SEO.

What is technical SEO?

technical SEO?

This is not technical SEO. Page speed is technical SEO. Did you understand the difference? Then why is off-page SEO done? Off-page SEO techniques help us strengthen the influence and relationships your website has with other websites.

They are talking about backlinks and all in technical language. Through backlinks, we establish our relationships. So, backlinks come in off-page SEO. So, in this particular post , we saw the history of SEO, how it evolved, how Google took the initiative and started showing algorithm based results to the users. We saw the basic definition of SEO and then, we saw the types of SEO. From the next video, we will try to go in details of all these things. In simple language,

What is SEO?

SEO is that technique or those steps or that process through which you want to rank your website or webpage in organic results based on specific keywords. That’s it. The definition is so basic. That’s all in this particular video. I hope that you might have understood the video. Please follow the series completely. This was the introductory Post.

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