On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

SEO:  Google started working on its own search engine and started making its own search engine algorithm based. I have written that same point here that the evolution that happened in SEO, the real game started from here when Google saw the opportunity and started working on the algorithms those who were giving values to quality, relevancy, content, etc. Today also, we understand its value.

On Page SEO and  Off Page SEO

On Page SEO, Off Page SEO

On Page And Off Page SEO

I have made so many videos on SEO. We talk about the quality content and relevant content. Whatever the user is searching, the content that matches his intent should be present on our website. Only then will our website rank and only then will Google rank our website for that keyword.

So, we talk about the quality, relevancy and content oriented SEO. Google had already understood all these things. And then it started building its algorithms on the same basis. The algorithm updates that it had to bring, it kept on bringing them on the same basis that how we should rank the websites on the search engine by considering quality, relevancy and content as our foundation.

So, from here, the real game started that we study today also. Over the time, things keep on coming, changes keep on coming in technology, so updates keep on coming. There is nothing big in that. But this thing is the foundation and you also know that it works today also. So, from here, we came to know 1-2 interesting things and they are:

Google was not the first search engine of Larry Page and Brin. It was BackRub that they had made during the time of their education. And later, when its registration was done and it got domain and all those things then

It became Google. So, we all know that in today’s date, Google is the most popular search engine. So, now let’s come to a basic definition of search engine. SEO is a practice. Keep this thing in mind that it’s a practice, it’s a process of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Algorithmic search engine results means that the results that we get in the search engine are algorithm based.

I have told this to you in the beginning also. They are algorithm based. So, in the algorithm search engine results, the process that we do to improve our ranking or the practice that we do or the series of steps that we do or the initiatives that we take or the steps that we take, that is basically called as SEO. So, this is the basic definition. Here, I have used the word “practice” or the steps that we take or the process that we do.

So, there are 3 types of pain processes in SEO. One is on page SEO, 2nd one is off page SEO and the 3rd one is technical SEO. It’s very basic. The On-page SEO relates to the content on your website at this time. If you make any changes in the content of your website so that we should rank in the results of search engine. That is basically called as on-page SEO.

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