Bad or Good Internal Links in Website

 Bad or Good Internal Links in Website

SEO: In this Post, We will learn about Bad or Good Internal Links which is most important part of on page   seo, In this Post we will learn what is paddling  what is good link and how you can do internal   linking of your post in the content hello everyone  i am Shivani Goyal welcome in WsCube Tech,

 Bad or Good Internal Links in Website

Bad or Good Internal Links

Bad or Good Internal Links

So let’s start with the basic definition of  internal linking what is internal link so   the internal links are the links that go from  one page on a domain to a different page on the   same domain it means for example this is your  website this is your domain name you have one   page on this particular domain then you  want to connect this particular page to   another page of the same domain this is known  as internal link but if you want to connect this.

Particular page to the another page of the another  domain let us suppose this is another domain and   this is the page of this particular domain this is  known as external so the linking between these two   is known as internal and the linking between these  two is known as external they are commonly used in   the main navigation in your home page when you see  that we have different pages available here now   if you want to connect one page of the same  domain to the another page of the same domain   in that case we need internal linking an internal  link is one that points to the another page.

Same website the html code for internal linking if  you are using word press if you are using wordpress   for your website in that case you don’t need to  mention your html code but if you are working on   another language in your html code we have one  attribute here which is known as a this is your   anchor this is your one of the attribute of your  html code a a tag we are using here that is your a   title this is an internal link this is the text of  this particular link then href equals and this is   the link whatever with the link you want to  connect it with your link next by this call   we can simply connect our one page of the same  domain to the another page of the same token.

Now the question is why we do internal linking  why it is important it is important because it   make your website navigation easier for example if  your user is reading information on the one page   and now for example for this particular word if  user want to gain some more information and that   information is also available on your website in  that case you can simply connect this word this   text to the another page of your website so that  your user will also visit that particular page for   more information so this will make navigation  easier for your user associate pages of the same.

Site together just to make connectivity between  these two pages we are using internal link here   distribute your page rank that is your link juice  of the page around the website help search engine   discover the important pages of your website  for example if your google crawler can read this   particular information of that page and if you  connect this particular page to the another page   then your google search crawler also visit that  particular page and draw all the information on.

Another page so that is also one of the important  factor that we are doing internal linking here   now the question is what are the difference  between good and the bad internal link so let   me explain you what is good internal linking in  case of good internal linking when you connect   all the pages of your website to each other let’s  suppose this is your home page and you connect   your home page with your page e page d page c and  then further you connect another pages in same way.

Like connect page e with your page ask and then  page app with your page in the same way you   connect another page other pages as well so this  is known as good internal linking when all the   pages of your website are connected with in case  of poor internal link or internal linking when   you are not connected the pages of your website  with each other this is known as poor internal   thinking internal linking distribute link used  to internal pages internal link link juice.

Distributed from home page to the internal page  of the website just like you are seeing here   this is your home page and the internal link the  link choose is distributed between page one page   two and page three this improve the page rank of  the internal pages and make them more descriptive   should you no follow internal links now when  we put linking in that case we have one option   here that is do follow or note let me show you a  live example how you can do internal linking and   when this option is visible let me show you for  this particular page if you want to do internal.

Linking in this particular page in that case you  have to select that particular text which you want   to connect for example i simply select the text  here we have one option here that is link or you   can simply press ctrl a to do link click on that  and here you have to mention the particular url   for example if the url is from your website  in that case you have to put your url there   and then you have to select add no follow to link  if you want to add your internal link to move over   if you want that this particular page will open in  the new tab then you have to click on open a new   tab this is how you can do you can put internal  linking here just like you can see here that.

Here this is the option here you already added  this particular url as an internal line so in   the same way you can create internal linking  here pages now the question is should you do   no follow internally a link whether this is  an external link or interview is a signal that   you trust that particular page and it is  said that it passes page rank from your page   to the internally and when you add the no follow  in a link is like telling search engine not to   take into account the particular link as a quarter  of trust to the linking website so in that case.

For your internal linking this is the page of your  website in that case you don’t need to put your   page in no formula but if you are adding your  external link in that case you are using this   particular feature you can add your page so you  should no follow in internal link when it points   to a page that is not accessible by searching  for example your pages behind the locking page   so all these pages you can put in more  for loop and the link goes to a page.

That is not important any tagged pages i usually  know follow all my tag pages since i need to give   more value to the actual page and don’t want to  rank my packages in that case you are using so   the best practices of the internal linking this is  the checklist we have let me quickly revise that   particular checklist add internal link when it is  useful for the user’s experience add keyword your   targeted keyword in the anchor text try not to  use more than six to seven internal links per page.

Within the text body text use the no follow tag  wisely as i already discussed when you should   use no follow make sure that you do not have any  broken internal links when you do connectivity of   your pages in that case you must have to take care  about that whatever be the page you linked that is   not broken link or any 404 error page so you have  to check that link related pages together make   sure that the pages you want to rank higher in  the search engine have a great number of internet.

This is the checklist we have you can  use the internal links report under the section   that is search traffic in our google webmaster  tool that is our google search console to find   out the status of your internal link building  from there we can Track our internal links use   text content for your internal names adding  internal links to images is not useful in case of   images we are not using our internal link only in  case of text we are using internal link make sure   that the total number of links per page that is  totally internally or externally is no more than   so you have to.

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